What Is Theoretical Law?


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It is the kind of the law which is based on the religion teachings and rules which are made the part of the law. Today the most practices law in the world is Islamic law which is based on the teachings of Islam and Quran. Many other laws are in practice in some parts of the world but the most reliable law is one which is based on Islamic teachings. The difference between the Islamic laws and other laws is that the other type of laws are based on the commercial benefits or which is in the favour of government but the Islamic laws is purely based on the moral values, virtue and justice.

So the basic foundation of the Islamic law is based on the Quran and Hadees. It can not be changed in any circumstances and for any person. However in many Islamic systems the practice law is one of the Islamic value systems and some mixture of common law. The Islamic law is complete law it provides guidance on every issue of life you can find any problem of life there is solution for it in the Islamic law. So the laws which are based on the religion are called theoretical laws.

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