Is It Legal To Kill Bacteria?


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Let me put it this way friend:
I you are lost in the woods and have no water, not a flash light, no a cell phone but you have a gun on you and you encounter a large wild cat or any other wild animal, would you use your gun?
Same with bacterial!
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You kill bacteria everyday of your life just walking, scratching or moving. In your life you will unavoidably kill billions of organisms. Bacteria have no brains, they have no thought processes, they only carry out their life processes. I think if you feel guilty about killing bacteria you have an overactive superego.
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Actually, I beg to differ. There are different types of bacteria, protozoans, and viruses. Viruses are parasites; bacteria are prokaryotes which in Greek means "before nucleus"; and protozoans translates into Greek to mean "after nucleus". The nucleus sort of acts like a brain for the cell because it controls all of the activities.
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I would say yes but in todays world you never know when some mixed up group of people are going to claim it is killing a new species of life by washing the germs off your hands or the germs might be a different race/sexual orientation/or getting ready to evolve some day.lolrotfl... Sorry, I could not resist. I have seen to many activist groups abusing their power or I have watched to many town hall meetings wasting billions of taxpayers dollars trying to save itchy algae(hank hill cartoon)...I'll shut up now
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Humbly ask forgiveness from the doomed bacteria before turning on the tap.
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Of course it's legal. Bacteria is everywhere. Everyday we kill them but they are still there. You mustn't feel guilty about it.
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There will never be a shortage of bacteria to go around the world, in fact bacteria can cause you to become very ill, and can even cause incurable diseases. You need to wash the bacteria away, even if you don't like the idea, for your health, you need to.
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We'll everyday you probably wash your hands a couple times. Every time you wash that off to go eat dinner or something, you wash off bad bacteria because if you don't, you'll probably eat it down and eat it'll sprout bad things in your stomach.

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