Is It Legal For A Husband To Open A Wife's Mail Without Her Permission?


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No. The husband has no right to open your mail. You should have a little privacy just like your husband. The only way he opens it if you gave him permission.
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I don't know about the State's but here in Can. It's illegal unless permission is given. My husband used to open my mail, even birthday cards from my family. It is my right to open my own mail and I resent the invasion of my privacy. I have nothing to hide but I'm my own person and he looks in my purse as well.
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Every person of the world should adopt some rules and regulations to pass his life in a normal and decent manner. If he does so, his life will be like a paradise on earth and if not, he will face many hardships and troubles. Basic ethics of life are very essential to be adopted by every person of the world because they mean a lot in life and they have very deeper sense in them. So far your question is concerned that is it legal for a husband to open a wife's mail without her permission can be justified like this.

No doubt man has many authorities and commands over his wife but this does not mean that she is like a slave and she has no will of her own. She is a complete human being and she has the same rights as man and she can pass her life according to her will and her desire. I think it is not legal for a husband to open his wife's mail because it is not permitted religiously and ethically. She may have or not have any sort of privacy yet it is not allowed ethically to open her mail and read it. May be she has some secrecy, which she does not even want to share with her husband. So it is better to give her a free hand to pass her life.
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Hear Hear, Yeah Sure if it's something you recognise like a phone bill etc, But hey he might be trying to supprise you {in a good way} like today my wife said this is for you {she did not recognice it } i had to break the sad news that the local vets were doing a vacionation amsnity on cat jabs, But it could have been anything (Morals are the only way to go) respect your partner like you expect to respected {or get out }
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One should not open a spouse's mail without clear permission, expressed or implied. It is just good manners on your part, but it also goes to the foundation of the marriage, which is basic respect for each other.
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To open the mail of someone else is not the matter of legalism or illegality but there are certain moral values that one must never leave. As far as husband wife relation is concerned this is not a big deal to open each others' mail. But if either a man or a woman does not appreciate this approach of opening the mail without his or her permission then one must avoid opening the mail without permission.

There might be something personal about some of your wife's friends that she does not want to discuss or want it open to anyone. So, you either a husband or a wife, no one should open the mail of other without permission. But there are certain relations where they are more than friends to each other and one does not mind if other opens the mail without permission. So, in essence this is neither legal nor illegal for a husband to open the mail of his wife but it is against the moral values but if she does not bother this issue then he can certainly check her mails as this is not a big issue who checks the mail as they are one in true manner.
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I was wonder Legally can a husband open wife's mail? I am going through a divorce and he has intercepted my mail before I could get it forwarded. All of the bills are in my name and I am not allowed to go to my house because he is still residing there. I wanted to know the legality of opening mail. Thanks!
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My father was a mail carrier for over 40 years and he always told us it was a federal offense to open someone else mail without their permission. I know married people open each others mail all the time. I open my husbands only if its something I'm familiar with (like a bill!), but if its something I don't recognize, then I don't. A lot of moral issues are involved in that respect.
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I had this happen to me and I seriously resented it. First of all I believe it to me a federal offense and a deep invasion of one's privacy and a total disregard for the feelings of another. I had nothing to hide, however without my permission and to continue doing it even after I expressed my opposition to it could cause a lot of harm in the relationship because you feel disqualified and not valued for you you are!!! Stop it, don't do it!! The question is why do you need that kind of control???
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Depends on the country, and state they live in at the time.  If  the couple lives in  Michigan the lady can be fined for opening her husband's mail.  This is because it is against the law for her to do so there.  I do not know if there is a state law anywhere against the husband opening his wife's mail.  Why would a man want to open his wife's mail with her permission anyway?
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My husband is in Iraq and had allocated a certain amount to each bill monthly but has however asked me to check the bills to make sure what he has allocated was enough but has now however told me it was a federal offence so now I don't know what to do.
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It depends upon the trust of the husband over his wife. If he trusts his wife no need. But he has to inform her
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OF COURSE IT IS. There is no such thing as private once your married. If you have nothing to hide, he should be able to look and vice versa. Don't start your marriage with secrets and being petty about opening mail or him reading your email and vice versa. Marriage is about giving and forgiving. Take it from me - almost 20 years and I thank god.
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If the wife hasn't got any secrets, or nothing to hide from the husband, what's the problem with him opening her mail.
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It is legal because my family and me open each others mail all the time. And when I complain my mom says " We're family,it's legal" I hope that answers your question.
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Until your mom becomes the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court, it is "legal" only within her domain, which is your family.
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The fact that you and your family do something all the time does NOT make it legal. It is ALWAYS illegal to open mail which is not addressed to YOU.

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