How Do I Find What Crime Has Taken Place Near My House?


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The process of finding out the crimes taken place near your house is called research. If it a recent crime you need to be updated about then by the local paper from the closest newspaper vendor. If the crime committed was not just a petty theft then indulge in gossip with your neighbours.

You can always go to the police and ask them of all the crimes taken place. They are surely obligated to help. You can also try Google search engine. Surely you are not going to be disappointed. Just type the name of your locality and the street name followed by the year in which the crime took place. Then you will get an endless list of all the websites that have new papers articles of the crime scenes in your neighbourhood.

Your last and final resort will be to visit your local library and check their old newspaper stacks. Trust me you will find stories that have taken place ages back. And remember to always take care while digging old graves; you don't really want to tumble into trouble that does not have your name on it.

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