How Do You Get Separated?


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You seem to be referring to be separated from your wife or a partner who is living with you under the same roof. Being separated means to end the relationship you have with your partner and one out of the two people will leave the house. The person who actually owns the house, lets the other person go out of the house.

Separation is generally between lovers who are not married but may have kids and properties. Separation is not a judicial process like a divorce and the settlement issue cannot be taken to court. If the couple has kids, the custody of kids has to be decided outside the court as the couple is not married which cannot be a legal issue.

You need to talk to your partner about the separation and explain that the relationship is not working out and it has to be ended. You can explain that you have tried your best to make things work and it would be better for both of you. You can say that you need a break of everything and for assurance you can say maybe in future you will be back together again. Make sure you do not break your partner's heart and hurt her feelings.

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