What Are The Laws For Custody Of Minor Children In Florida?


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How old before my 11 year old son can say to the judge '' I want to say with my dad''.
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If I move to florida with a minor I do not have guardianship of would I get into trouble?
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The is a very good website, on which you can find the entire law for the determination of custody for minor children in the State of Florida. There are other sites other sites, which you can find by entering "Florida child custody laws," into your google bar and clicking. I chose a site, which is provided through the Florida Senate.

Florida law determining the custody on minor children comes under Title VI, Chapter 61, and 61.13 et seq.The link below will take you to the website, FindLaw for the Public. You will find several laws with numbers and chapters listed. Click on the second link Custody and Support of Children, you will be taken to The Florida Senate website. Chapter 61is stated in full in this section of the site.  

At the top of the page you will see Chapter 61
click on this link, which takes you to a new page. On this page Chapter 61 there are two parts click on the link for Part 1.Chapter 61 is broken down into sections. Begin at 61.09the links below this are also related to child custody. There is a section on the appointment of a guardian, if and when this is necessary.


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