What Are The Florida Laws On Firearm Silencers?


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1) locate an FFL in your state that (legally) sells suppressors. Pick a suppressor. Put a deposit on it or pay for it ... Whatever the dealer requires.    2) the dealer will furnish you with TWO COPIES of ATF Form 4 to be signed by your Chief Law Enforcement Officer (CLEO - see below). You will also be required to get TWO sets of fingerprints for FBI check. You will need to obtain TWO recent color passport photos.    3) Determine whether your Chief Law Enforcement Officer (i.e., your town Chief or County Sheriff or State Police) will sign off on your Form 4. If no relevent CLEO will sign, then... You are sheet outta luck UNLESS...    4) form a corporation in your state (yes, you need to hire a lawyer to do that). The corporation can purchase the NFA firearm without the need for a CLEO signature.    5) if #3 or #4 are not an issue, then take your completed signed ATF Form 4's, fingerprints, and passport photos back to your FFL + SOT. You will then probably fill out another ATFE "Certification of Compliance with 18 USC 922 (g)(5)(B) " and then cough up a check for the $200 transfer tax.    6) the dealer will mail this stuff to ATFE. It takes a first time applicant anywhere from 30-60 days to get the first transfer approved. Upon approval, your dealer will contact you to come pick up the thing. You'll fill out an ATFE Form 4473 ... Just like you would any other gun.
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Not even close to being True. If you fill out a ATF Form 4 and get approval it is legal to own and use a silencer on a firearm.
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It's illegal in all states to have a firearm silencer unless you are in the military. Even then it is still illegal to use it. Watch out if you have one it's a major felony. Incidentally, Ii am from Florida.
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Wrong......... Not even close. Fill out ATF Form4 & get approval. Also legal to own & use in florida......Oh, yeah I'm from Florida too, What does that have to do with your lack of experience with Florida ( or 18 other statesthat allow silencers) Law.

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