Is It Fair That Two People Get Charged With The Same Crime But One Of Them Gets Off And The Other Has To Do All These Other Complicated Things Such As Keep Going Back To Court 4 Months Later?


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It doesn't seem to be fair no but unless we have the full details of the crime and what part both played in that crime it is impossible to say what is right or wrong.

Usually when two people are charged with the same crime, they both do the same punishment. However, some evidence may have turned up to show that one was more guilty than the other and that would be one reason why one of them would not get into as much trouble as they other. Perhaps the court saw one person as more of a ringleader and they wanted to punish them more because they blame them for leading the other astray?

Overall there could be many reasons why one got off with a warning and the other didn't and it is hard to say without knowing all of the details.
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I know a situation where both people was charge with voluntary manslaughter .  There were a witness that saw one person shoot the victim , but no one saw the other person do any wrong . The person that the witness saw do the shooting had a criminal record ,he was on house arrest during that time . The other did not have a criminal record .his no good crooked of a lawyer charge his family $100,000.00 for his case had another witness that saw the other person shot the victim. The lawyer advise him to plea that he was involved .the judge gave the one with the criminal record who the witnesses saw shot the victim 12 years . While the judge gave the one that the witness wrote a statement that he did not see him do anything wrong ,the stupid judge give him 22 years . Explained this to me . The lawyer is being sued and he is going to the bar association . He has a new lawyer now.

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