My Troubled 17 Year Old Grandson Ran Away From Home 5 Days Ago. He Now Wants To Go Back Home But My Son Won't Let Him. Can He Legally Refuse To Let Him Come Back?. He Has No Food, Clothing Or Money & Nowhere Else To Go. I Am Not Able To Take Him. (IL


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I live in Texas and each state has differing laws regarding this, so I do not feel that I can adequately answer you. Call your local police dept and give them the bare basic facts regarding this case. They should be able to tell you if your son must take his son back into the home or not. In the meantime, are there any friends that might take the boy in on a temporary basis? I know this might prove difficult if they are aware of his problems..if they do not know, .they should definitely be made aware if they agree to help. How about a homeless shelter? Many churches have free meals, perhaps he can make use of one of those facilities. If he is, as you say, involved in drugs, perhaps a rehab unit is the place to look to for assistance. Once he is clean and is recovering, perhaps his Dad would be more likely to welcome him home. Kids can ruin not only their lives but the lives of everyone that loves them when they become involved in drugs but you obviously know this. Perhaps after this event your grandson would be more than willing to take the steps needed to get clean and off drugs for good...for every-one's sake, I hope so.
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Tough love is a hard thing but it helps people get their priorities straight or they just won't ever get it. They don't get it if people who care, make it too easy either. Dad is probably doing the right thing, you may not see it, if you are too close to the situation and women generally have trouble with this tough love thing, but troubled teen needs to know that he had it pretty good once so he can experience pretty bad now, then appreciate what he had more and do the right thing to be redeemed. That means he make have to make and keep promises and be more responsible. And that is HIS CHOICE.

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Do you know why he ran away or is that still a mystery? Why is it that your son won't let him come back?
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My 17 yr old grandson ran off because he came home stoned one night, guess he figured his dad would really be mad got scared & ran off. He is not the typical 17 yr old. Has mentallity of a 14 yr old. His Mom was hardly ever around got in trouble every school he went to, etc etc etc. Very long story. I just wanted to know if my son can not let him come back legally?
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Ignore you r son who refuse him... He has came back because he has saw the problems ... From now he will be more respect and loyal to everyone...

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