What Is Punishment For Second Degree Murder?


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Murder in the second degree is punished in many different ways and covers a wide range of homicides. In most states, second degree murder is any murder which does not qualify as first degree murder. In some states; however, second degree murder is also known as felony-murder and the offense which would generally be classified as second degree murder is instead classified as murder in the third degree. In general, the penalty for second degree murder may range from a term of years to life without parole. For the most part, those found guilty of second degree murder will go to a state (or federal) facility and not to county jail (except in rare cases). Some states do not give life sentences for second degree murder, but rather a term of imprisonment for a set number of years. Some states such as West Virginia, Virginia, and Texas give such sentences, while other states, such as Louisiana, California, and New York require a life sentence of varying length. Here are some sentence examples:

Virginia: Between 5 and 40 years
West Virginia: Between 10 and 40 years
Texas: Between 2 and 20 years
Louisiana: Mandatory life without parole
Indiana*: Between 45 and 65 years
New York: Between 15 and 25 years to life (or LWOP)
Maine: Between 25 years and life
Missouri: Between 10 and 30 years or life
Arkansas: Between 10 and 40 years or life
Florida: Up to 30 years or life
Nevada: Minimum 10 years to life or 10 to 25 years
Michigan: Up to life
North Carolina: Range from 78 to 600 months or life
Connecticut: Between 25 and 60 years
Oklahoma:between 10 years and life
Iowa: Up to 50 years
Montana: Between 2 and 40 years
South Dakota: Life imprisonment
Illinois: Between 4 and 20 years (probation available)
Federal government: Up to life

Some of these states have parole, while others do not, so the actual time served will vary some. Hope this helps......God bless.
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The punishment for second degree murder in minnesota is 5 years to 15 years
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The judge will decide that.most likely if this is a first offense and the person has not had any other ciminal offenses he will get 2-11 years  and time off with good behavior. So maybe 3-5  and 6-7 years on parole. Most likely.unless they proved it was done with a gun accidentally during a scuffle like with george and trayvon then it could be even less.

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