How Much Time Do You Get In Jail For Robbery And Assault?


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These crimes are considered serious and can get you quite a long time. You can get 5 to 10yrs for robbery, and 7 to 15yrs for assault (more if the assault is classified as 'with intent to murder' a class 3 felony). So you could be looking at 12yrs for a minimum to 25yrs or more as a maximum. Just put it this way, the lower the # on a felony (class 3, class 2, etc) the longer you spend in prison.
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The sentence is determined by many factors such as the nature of the crime (level of violence used), was a weapon used, or other such things. A sentence can be life imprisonment, but some may only get probation.
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If you use a gun your done
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Just around 4-5 years.
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Obviously every case is looked at on it's own merits which can greatly effect the term of sentence given.

As the crime of robbery does indicate that either force or intimidation was used to obtain the stolen property, it would carry a harsher term than that of straight burglary.

Again, it can also vary greatly depending on which country you are being convicted in.

One thing I can say though is that at the far end of the spectrum, the maximum sentence can be life imprisonment. Most countries will have also a mandatory act of some sort that defines a minimum term.
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How much time do you get for using a fake name, not having an I.D, and getting caught for missing 2 court dates?

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