How Long Do You Stay In Jail For Simple Assault In Pa?


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This depends on how the charge is classified either as a misdemeanor ora felony. In either case if it is a first offense then the minimal amount of time would either be probation or 6 months. For a first time felony the charge will carry a bit more time. I'd say at least 6 months to 1 year.
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It's a really petty sentence, most times you'll just get probation with simple conditions such as;
-non association orders
-drug and alcohol stipulations
But, if  you do get jail time it's like less than a month or so.
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Well my soon to be babies dad was on probation and he hit me well I'm pregant and chocked me he is in jail now he voilated his probation his probation was for 3rd degree assult on some one so what will happen to him when I go to court
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30  day s or less

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