My babysdad was arrested was the 5 of this month for a warrant for robbery he also has 2 other warrants for possession of substance n under the influence his been in jail 1 time for 3 days for the possession n was release with prop36 how much canhedo?


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Roberta Paxon Profile
Roberta Paxon answered
1 to 3 years at the least  2 to 5 if his judge wants to make an example
Arthur Wright Profile
Arthur Wright answered
I would venture to say here, not much at all as he will probably end up in jail for a couple years on the robbery charges and as a repeat offender so don't expect much from him at all here and any child support you may have been expecting will no doubt go into default and amass in a special arrearage account just in hopes that maybe one day he will be rehabbed and pay these accounts off without getting into anymore trouble. Good luck here

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