What Is The Punishment For Human Trafficking?


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I agree with you but I guess it will take time. According to the Law, the punishment of human trafficking is 10 years of prison, but not so many people have been convicted and imprisoned.

There are only a few cases where the criminal went to jail. Now the authorities are working for changing the Criminal Code in order to make Law enforcement more efficient.
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Not enough!!!

The punishment for this type of offense it not nearly enough. I only hope that any changes to the criminal code are tough enough.
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The only answer to obliterating this heinous crime is "an eye for eye, and a tooth for a tooth".  Humans who stoop so low to allow themselves to become involved in such a operation should not be able to walk on the face of this earth.

Had this happened to me, my father would have annihilated them!!!!

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I hope none! How the hell is my lawn going to be cut or my american eagle sweater going to be made.

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