Is Capital Punishment Necessary For The Humans On Their Guilt's?


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Humans are bound to make mistakes and as a responsible human being, one should rectify others' mistakes. The idea of rehabilitating the blame worthy and sending them back as normal citizens of society would be more appropriate. This could be applied to the case of split personality or personality disorder where the guilty commits the crime due to mental illness.

In addition there could be lope holes in the judicial system of the state. There could be a possibility of errors due to corruption or any other reasons. There could be flaws in the defense, in the evidence or any mistake made by the witness that could lead to injustice to the accused. To counter this problem capital punishment should be abolished as the death penalty is irreversible and there might not be absolute surety.

Moreover, capital punishment is also considered as inhuman and undignified. It violates the rights of human to die with dignity, whatsoever the case. In case of murder, the circumstances should be looked into. This might not fulfill the capacities of capital punishment. Statistic also mentions the fact that state with death penalties have higher crime rate than those that have abolished this punishment. Hence it is evident that such punishments should be abolished.
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Capital punishment should be given depending upon the intensity and nature of crime. Judiscial system should take in to account the history and intentions of the crimes.
While making the judgement, judge should also see the morale of the criminals, if he thinks that rehibilitation is possible then they should be given one more chance after spending some years in the prison. After all this is the question of life and judiscial system should not leave any loopholes

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