Why Must I Continue Paying Child Support If My Child Is Over 18?


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If your child is over 18 you generally are released from the burden of child support UNLESS the child is still in school and it does not matter if it is college or high school.
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Please don't say taking care of your child is a burden. It can be tough, testing and very depressing but if a system as to define for you your responsibilities of a parent including the basic date you should or should not choose to support him or her then adults should not look to the state to fix the roads or provide thm with water. After all we can all walk or go to the river/pond/pool for water and if we don't like it then move to somewhere else where we can do all thing for ourselves...
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Well follow the excellent example God has set for us to IMITATE...just be there for your children when they have tried and tried and tried and ready to give up...give them a buck....

When you are in trouble don't you turn to someone for help? And I'm sure if your child needed help and had no one to offer a hand and sunk under the weight of pressure you would feel terrible.  Unless of course you did not love your child.  Then why would you have a child in the first place/? Then again some of us for several reasons jump before we think of the consequences and end up in BAD situations..but we should still stand up and PRAY a lot and if we are sincere and recognized the wisdom of God he will be there and will stay around.

Then again parents should always be wise enough to know themselves and their children and know what kind of support is or kind..or just a little coaching.  So you see how important parenting is?

And don't worry if at first your best efforts of support are not appreciated... Children need to grow up to to understand the value of adult wisdom.  LOOK at the Hard time God's Children and their friends put the FATHER (THE LORD OF HOSTS) through before they really understood that he knows what is best...

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