How Do I Get "Power Of Attorney" For The State Of Virginia? What Is The Process?


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To appoint some one as your power of attorney you must first draft your own power of attorney form. You can hire a lawyer to draft it for you or you can do-it-yourself. The easiest, quickest, and cheapest way to do it is by using a fill-able Virginia power of attorney form. Once you think you have the power of attorney form just right then you get your agent to sign it. Then you take it to get it notarized and your done. Be sure to store the notarized master copy in a safe place.
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A power of attorney is someone who acts on another's behalf (with their consent) in a legal or business matter. The person authorizing the act is the "principal", and the one authorized to act is the "agent" or "attorney-in-fact (AIF). An AIF acts in the principle's name.

In the state of Virginia, all you need is a form signed by the principal granting said rights to the agent. This form then needs to be notarized.

You can access a copy of the form here:

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