Is stealing bad, if you don't get caught? 


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Stealing is bad whether you get caught or not! One thing I really can't stand are thieves. Nope ! Stealing is bad any way you put it !

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Jann Nikka
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Mmmm YEP
SuperFly Original
There is a low tolerance for them in most places! you best look both ways before crossing that line.
SuperFly Original
This one is slightly graphic because of gun firing but dont think its anything over the top: incentive not to steal :)
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Only if you have a moral compass. 

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SuperFly Original
and i know what u mean
Jann Nikka
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Conversation aka post comments, share info, get feedback. I like to post questions I see on FB. The response here is outstanding :) Once in a while you get a negative answer. But. Its really nice to hear different opinions :) bye and thanks.
SuperFly Original
Yes some people have experienced that misfortune which can make them bias. I, personally, have not been robbed. Besides that point, I try to be down to earth and logical with my answers comments ect.

The longer ones tend to have a more personal side to them. Heck, comments can change depending on the mood of someone. But on here, unlike YouTube, there is not much dirt to dig up. Its moderated well and the whole community guidelines are much different.
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Stealing from one, steals from everyone, Insurance goes up for everyone, so they can recoup their losses, steal from a store, they recoup by raising prices for theft, we all pay for it. Stores have to pay "loss prevention" employees to prevent theft, and we pay for them in the price of their goods passed down to us. If you steal everyone pays for it. So.. YEAH IT'S BAD!!!

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YES.  There are no 2 ways about it.  I normally would go into detail... But I feel so strongly about this, it would hurt you for me to put it words. Here's the soft version:

DO NOT even think about it... If you are tempted, DO NOT look at it... If you are dared to do it, DO NOT hang out with those friends. Finally, think about the other side.  If it were to happen to you, how would you feel as the recipient of someone stealing from you.

If you want it badly enough, you will find a way to make the money to legitimately pay for it.  Then, it will make that item even more special. Everyone will be happy.

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everyone's different but as far as im concerned i have a conscience which doesnt allow me to do certain things for example taking something that doesnt belong to me

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The remorse expressed by criminals up before the courts has much more to do with being sorry they were caught rather than being sorry for their crimes. If you were to ask such people this question, the answer would be "No!" but for the rest of us it's a resounding "YES!"

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Whether you are caught or not, doesn't matter ... You have taken something from somebody else, without their permission.

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Walt O'Reagun
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Other than a mushy yard and a big puddle in my new driveway ... due to it being lower than my yard ... it hasn't really affected me. Being on the coast, we're used to having all the heavy rain dumped on us before it goes over the coastal range to the metro areas. And when it does flood, most of us are smart enough to either wait or go "the long way 'round" ... unlike those city idiots. ;p
Merlin happy happy
I am smiling from ear to ear to hear you're o.k. I thought so.. Knowing you, of course you are.
Those city people who choose to surround themselves with all man made things seem to always have the most trouble. To this day, even living around L.A., I"ve only used my air conditioning twice. I feel if it is made by man, a lot of times it isn't going to do any favors for you. Processed food for example or mountains torn through to build a tunnel... or mountains built on land fills and houses put on top of them. They wonder why they have that blue flame in their backyard. I'm with you. It must be in Oregonians. We like to keep it just the way Mother Nature meant it to be. Don't litter on it. Don't harress it. Don't change it. Just let it be.
Happy! Happy!
Didge Doo
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Found it, Merlin., Thanks. I'll email you in a day or two. It's time for my Christmas cards, anyway.:)
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I sure hope so! Watch-out in some countries you will receive "Street justice" which I never good. And if you are entering someones home in order to do so, they can simply shoot you. Its not good. And its not safe.

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Have you ever had anything stolen from you? If so I think you know the answer to that.

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Jann Nikka
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Its just a question, no need to be defensive or take it personally. Thank you
PJ Stein
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I was not being defensive. I am asking a simple question in return.
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Sorry I can't stand a thief if you ask me for five $ I will probably give it to u and I'm poor but stealing five bucks from me or anyone, you deserve jail.

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Merlin happy happy
Hi otis~ You are the sweetest non-crook that ever was! I totally agree with you. It doesn't matter if it is a penny or a ferrari... you still took something from someone or something that you knew wasn't yours to take. I'm trying desperately to make the time to come back. It's been so long, I've forgotten... AGAIN how to work Blurtit. I'm sure Rooster will direct me, once again, how to do this!!! Lots of capitol Happy! Happys! To you my friend. We just got back from a huge road trip. I'll share the pictures w/you in messages... I think I remember I can do that.. as soon as I take my tutorial again!! Huge Smiles!

Happy! Happy!
Jann Nikka
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Good point thank you.
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Stealing is bad whether you get caught or not. The person doing the stealing is taking something from someone else who worked hard for what they have.

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