What Happens If You Get Caught Shoplifting In Tesco?


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Most supermarkets in the UK will seek to press charges against shoplifters, regardless of the value of the stolen items.

Taking a robust approach to shop lifting is a proven way of deterring other criminals from stealing, and is a tactic that most commercial businesses will employ.

Caught shoplifting at Tesco?
Most Tesco outlets have a store security guard - and, if they suspect you of stealing from their store, they have the right to detain you for a reasonable amount of time.

You'll usually be asked to provide a proof of purchase (such as a receipt) and this will be checked against the goods found in your possession.

Some stores have a specific area in which to hold shoplifters, but others don't. However, in either case, the police response tends to be very quick.

You are not legally obliged to disclose any information to a store security guard, but it is in your interest to speed up the process.

Regardless of what you say - or what mitigating circumstances you provide - if a store feels that you've been shoplifting, they will always get the police involved.

Whether the police and CPS decide to pursue a prosecution is really down to whether a conviction would be in the public interest, and on whether there is sufficient evidence to prove your guilt.

In most cases, a shoplifter can expect a prompt court appearance and a hefty fine!
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Stealing is not good it's like breaking the ten commandments. Whether you get caught or not, you shouldn't do it.

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