What/s the dumbest getaway vehicle you've heard of? Last week in Sydney, police arrested a man who used his truck. It was caught on CCTV and shown on the 6 o'clock news, and the guy was arrested a couple of days later.

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O j simpson in a ford bronco in the 25 mph chase was a classic

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Wow, that's pretty dumb Didge. In my little town, a guy robbed a corner store and took off on a skateboard. The owner yelled at him and a bystander knocked him off the skateboard, sending him sprawling on the sidewalk. A couple of people sat on the guy until the police got there. This happened a couple of years ago.

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Hard to figure how stupid some of these people are. The cops invited a TV crew to be on hand for the arrest so we got another look at the truck being pulled over and the driver lying on the road, handcuffed.
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That must have been fun to watch.
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O remembrr that
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I remember on the news In la calif. A seven up cola truck those two litres were flying everywhere and here in some guy used a 18 wheeler to run over every car in its path

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Deadly, Otis.

I heard about a case, years ago, where a masked couple robbed a truckstop. While the man forced the manager to open the cash register, the woman noticed they were having a competition and filled out an entry. Guess who was waiting for them when they arrived home?

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