Is Time, Sex And Money Are Biggest Causes Of Divorce?


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The main cause of divorce is marriage.
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A current study for marriage and family by the Creighton University Center proposes that time; sex and money create the three biggest problems to pleasure in the lives of newly married pairs. Balance can be bringing into marriage by financial condition, complementary job and family, and frequency of sexual relations is of greatest fear to those marriage couple whose ages 29 and below.

The marriage pair whose age 30 and above cooperative with their younger partners the fears of complementary job and family and regularity of sexual relations, but there are some other causes that are included as problem areas regular bickering and hope about family tasks. A mailing of survey resulted in a complete sample of 947 pairs, or 1,894 persons. Out of that a total of 793 persons questionnaires were come backed, which those study called a highly acceptable'' reply rate of 48.5 percent; 35.7 percent of the returns were fulfilled questionnaires from both partner. Time, Money and Sex are the three problems that become the cause of divorce. These three things also become the cause of batter marriage life. Employment; on the whole financial condition; hope about household tasks; stable bickering; communication with partner; parents or in-laws; and time exhausted together with partner are some other reasons that becomes the cause of separation.
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Yes ,I think so, they are main causes for divorce. Now-a-days couple's are complaining that their partner is not spending time with him /her.
Secondary thing is money. According to me it is mother of all problems.
Lastly it is sex, it doesn't have much of impact, but is also a cause.
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I believe it's mostly money because I've heard many stories about people arguing because of their finances. I think it's stupid because there are many ways to increase income on the internet, like trading on or freelancing. I believe that finances are just an excuse for divorce because people who love each other would search for the solution.

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Some people are not stable in their hearts. This makes them unstable in all ways. My ex-husband divorced me because he wanted a woman from his own country. Somebody more like him, that had more in common with him.

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