How To Find A Inmate At Harris County Jail?


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You can either phone the jail direct to find an inmate, the number is 713.755.5300, or you can have a look at the book that is in the Visitation Information area in the lobby of each of the Harris County Jails. These are 1200 Baker Street Jail, 1307 Baker Street Jail, 701 N. San Jacinto Street Jail, or 711 N. San Jacinto Jail: All the jails are within a block of each other.

If you want to visit there are very strict rules that everyone must adhere to, with no exceptions. Inmates are only allowed one visit a day, and there are no visits at all on Mondays, Thursdays and Fridays. Tuesday and Wednesday visiting is between 16:00 until 21:00, and Saturday and Sunday visiting is between 15:30 and 21:00. Attorneys are allowed to visit at any time, but ministers are not allowed any time between 12:30 and 14:00 daily. Visits to inmates in hospital have to be pre-approved by personnel at the Medical Division; the number is 713.755.9205.

Visitors need identification in the form of a valid state or federal ID card or driver’s license with a photograph. Over the age of 17 and you will need to have your own ID; under 17 and you must be accompanied by someone who is 17 or older. Visits are limited to two adults and two children, and no visitors are allowed to take a purse, bags, phones, weapons, recording devices, cameras, writing devices, packages, mail, photography or food and drink in with them, either for immediate use or to be left with an inmate.

Visitor behavior is expected to be exemplary, and they must be dressed appropriately. Visitors are not allowed to wear any revealing clothing, either the bust, midriff or underwear; no sleeves shorter than halfway down the upper arm are permitted, no see-through clothing; no spandex without shorts; no dresses, skirts or shorts (including slits) above mid-thigh; no clothing displaying obscene, offensive language or drawings or any indication of gang affiliation.
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You contact the jail directly and ask for the inmate ID verification number so you can send mail. They will inform you if the person is there or not. If they are there they will provide you with the information.

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