Is It Illegal To Download Preteen Modeling Pictures In The USA?


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Pippa Corbett answered
The answer is that it really depends what kind of modelling pictures you're talking about.

If you're looking for pictures of youngsters posing for fashion modelling shoots, that might be above board.

Anything of a more sexy or perverse nature is completely illegal and it would be absolutely disgusting if you were looking for them.

Preteen modeling pictures
My question to you would be 'what kind of photos are you looking for?' It's completely legal to download pictures of modelling shoots where the kids in question are fully-clothed and not in any danger of abuse or harm.

But if you're looking for anything that's crossing that line - I'd recommend you seek medical help immediately.

If your search for pictures of this kind is sexually-motivated, I think it's important for you to realize that you've got a serious problem and that you need to get some professional advice.

If you don't, you might end up doing something stupid that will land you in some serious trouble!

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