Can A Landlord Throw You Out With Out Any Paper Work?


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It depends on your city and state.  I would call an attorney and ask them.  They will let you ask questions usually without cost, and your a lot of attorneys will give you your first appt.  for free before hiring them.  Then you can say you have talked to an attorney.  It depends on what the landlord is saying you did to evict you.  Good luck.  I don't know if he can or not.  Usually, he should give you a written notice.  I would start looking for a new place anyways.  So you don't end up homeless.  Good luck.
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A landlord must go through the proper legal process, check out your landlord tenant law for the county and state you live in as the laws vary from state t state, usually the three day notice is to pay or quit then comes the 30 day then usually an unlawful detainer, be sure to respond I time and check notice with a fine tooth comb
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No he can't, therefore you need to go to small claim court.
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Only if it was an oral lease. The landlord can't evict you without an eviction notice. Three days notice is used for eviction in many states. Read your lease agreement to know about eviction.

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