How To Get TLC Paratransit License?


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A TLC Paratransit License is distributed by New York City in order for you to be able to drive a yellow cab or limousine, or other similar private hire vehicle in the Big Apple. This license applies to all five boroughs across New York City.

This does have another term, entitled the 'hack license'. So, if you want to obtain the TLC License and the right to drive a private licensed vehicle in New York City, you will have to follow the following guidelines:

  • Take a course in Defensive Driving - the first step is to undergo a six hour class on defensive driving. This can be performed at one of the Taxi Academies or Institutes in New York.
  • Complete medical forms - you will need to undergo a physical examination which should be done by a qualified doctor based in New York.
  • This is essential because even before you apply, you will need to be in perfect health and not suffer from any serious medical related diseases if you want the TLC License.
  • File application papers - if you have sailed through the medical process with no serious flaws then you need to process an application for the TLC License.
  • During the filing process, you will have fingerprints taken and a number of background checks performed by TLC.
  • Once you have mailed the forms back, you will be required to undergo a drugs test to be undertaken at a particular lab approved by the TLC authority.
  • Visit a cab license school - You will need to enrol in classes that will deal with a host of topics relating to New York including landmarks and extensive geography.
  • You will also be instructed about essential customer relationships once an official driver.
  • Successfully pass the written test - once you have completed the course, you will have to undertake a New York City Taxi Operators test.
  • The exam will consist of initially thirty questions dedicated to English grammar and ability.
  • There will also be an additional fifty questions which are all multiple choice and based around New York City and the subjects you have covered in your taxi classes.

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