How Do I Know The Status Of My TLC License?


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You will need to get in touch with the relevant agency or office to see whether you need to renew your license. It will probably say on your documentation whether you need to renew.

• Getting your TLC license

You are able to get your TLC license online, or over the phone. You could also visit your local Limousine and Taxi Commission office. If you pass the test then you will be able to drive and operate your own taxi service legally within your area or state.

Firstly, you'll need to go about doing a 6-hour defensive driving class. This is to ensure that you know everything that you need to know to be a qualified and safe taxi driver.

You will also need to prove that you are physically fit to be able to drive a taxi for a living, so you will have to go through a medical examination. This is required to be done by a trained and qualified doctor for the examination to be valid. This isn't really all that expensive so it should be easy for you to arrange. The doctor will check all the relevant parts of your general health, and will also provide you with an eye test. Once you've done this and passed you will be provided with a certificate that proved you are fit to drive a taxi.

Your application paper then needs to be filled in. You will have a criminal background check, and then your fingerprints will be taken. A drug test is required, too, to ensure that you will not be putting peoples' lives in danger by being involved with drugs and staying in the taxi trade. Once you've done all this your TLC license will be on its way to you and you'll be able to start your new job.

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