If A Criminal Case Is Dismissed What Does That Exactly Mean?


5 Answers

Arthur Wright Profile
Arthur Wright answered
Its means that the case was dismissed or terminated for whatever reason and is all over
Chris Trawick Profile
Chris Trawick answered
If a case is dismissed it means that you were not convicted of the crime.  With that said you still have a record and it still can hurt you with jobs or government background checks.  You should tried to get it expunged that way no body will be able to see it. Believe me these days innocent to proven guilty is bullshit, people still judge and decide on the charges they view guilty or not guilty.
brian tunzi Profile
brian tunzi answered
it's dismissed but he or she still has a record on file .
michael finnegan Profile
Yes, to be convicted you either had to plead "Guilty" or be sentenced under a "No Contest" plea, or the case had to be prosecuted with a "guilty" outcome.

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