What Are The Advantages Of Justice According To Law?


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Justice according to Law avoids the dangers of capricious, biased and dishonest decisions. The survival of permanent principle of law avoids the dangers of capricious, influenced and untruthful decisions. Law is assured and known. Therefore, a exit from a rule of law by a judge is perceptible to all.

It is not sufficient that justice should be done, but it also essential that it should be seen to be done. If the administration of justice is left entirely to the individual discretion of a judge, rude motives and untruthful opinions could affect the sharing of justice. It is to its fairness, far more than its wisdom (for this last asset it too often lacks) are due the control and character which the law has overcome at all times; wise or foolish, it is the same for all.

The permanent principles of law defend the administration of justice the errors of personal judgement. In most cases, the law on the issue is clear and judges are not predictable to twist the same. They are not predictable their own view for the law of the country. Experience shows that people have lived happier lives when they are ruled by the permanent principles of law than when there are no laws as such.

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