How Can I Get A Copy Of A Police Report In Harris County?


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Arjun Mitra answered
In order to obtain a copy of a police report in Harris County goes to the front desk of the police station where you or somebody else had filed the report and ask them the procedure. Maybe they will give you a form which will require the date and the time of the incident and information of the people involved in it. You will also have to provide them with your personal information and the reason behind asking for the copy of the report and your connection to it. They will then make a copy of the report and mail it to you in a couple of business days.

They are likely to charge you a small fee for all the reports. Maybe $5 for each which I'm sure wouldn't be a problem for you. Most of these reports are 3 pages long and they will I guess charge a fee of $1 for each page submitted.

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