How Do I Get An S.t.n.a. License In Ohio?


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The S.T.N.A (or State Tested Nurse’s Assistant) license is important if you want to work in the medical field in the state of Ohio. The state of Ohio does not recognize the term "Certified Nursing Assistant,” as other states might so you need to make sure you do what they require if you want to work as a nurse’s aide. In order to obtain your license, you must, as the name suggests take and pass a state registered test. Of course, in order to do this you will need to enroll in a certified nursing aide course.

This is much like taking a class at a University, college extension, or technical college. You will need to find an educational institute that is offering the class and when the course will run. The class should be at least sixteen hours of instruction as well as fifty-nine hours of combined classroom lecture and practical (on-the-job) training or experience. You will also need to pay tuition and attend class in order to take the test.

Once you have your license, though, your Nurse’s Aide Credentials are good for a period of twenty four months (2 years). In order to be "active” as a Nurse’s Aide, you must work a minimum of 7.5 hours within that 24 month period. Employment verification might be required.

At the conclusion of the two-year period you will have to attend the class again in order to renew your certification and continue carrying your State Tested Nurse’s Assistant license.
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Where would a person go that leaves in phillipsburg ohio to be able to take classes to become a stna that does not interfer with her college schedule

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