How Can I Look Up My STNA License Number?


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If you have lost your STNA (or State-Tested Nursing Assistant, or Aide) details, including your license number, or wish to check your STNA license number, you can do so by accessing the board of nursing website for the state to which your license is registered. Here, you should be able to search for your license number - this will bring up personal details such as your name, workplace, whether you have had any complaints filed against you and so on, so please ensure that you access this information on a secure computer. You can also search for your license number by typing in your personal details, such as your name. Therefore, if your STNA is registered in Ohio State, you should search for Ohio's board of nursing website. This can be found here:
On the other hand, you can go directly to the website which has access to the personal records of all licensed practitioners in your state. To continue with the example of Ohio used above, the website can be found here:
Using this website, you can access your license number by typing in your name, or if you know your license number, you can access your personal records by using your license number. You can also check and verify the status of your license by calling the number on the website, in this case the number is:

In the profession of nursing, licenses are required for a number of reasons. Firstly, by having an up-to-date license, you are proving that you have equally up-to-date knowledge of the roles and practices of your profession, as possessing a license requires that you pass a test every few years. It also ensures your patients that you are fully qualified to do your job. Holding a nursing license also proves that you are free from criminal accusations within your job, as your license will be taken off you if you are found guilty of criminal behavior within your profession.
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Go to.....ohio nurse aide on public registry....they ask for your name and last four of your ss#.....then they will give you your licsense takes 30 seconds

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