How To Write Down Internship Certificate?


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An internship certificate comes in different formats and layout depending on the company. If you are assigned to make an internship certificate for an intern in your company, here are some pointers to remember as you construct your internship certificate:

  • Make sure you mention what your company does and all important contact information. This is because some institution that requires internship certificate will call the company to verify all information stated in the certificate.
  • Make sure you mention who is the intern's superior, her position in the company and how is she related professionally to the intern. This will be useful information for the institution, especially when they want to further discuss the intern's capabilities.
  • It is also advised that you state all the duties and daily work of the intern, including time and days she is needed to report for work. This is needed because this will help the institution evaluate what the student has learned from his intern experience.
  • You must also provide a personal evaluation of the intern's performance, how she improved and how well she accomplishes her task. If in case the intern hasn't done a great job with his duties, you must also mention this in your internship certificate.
  • One important detail that you must remember to include in the intern's internship certificate is the duration of her work and the total number of hours she have worked to assure the institution that the intern has completed the required number of hours to pass the course.

These are the typical information that is needed in an internship certificate. Just make sure that all information stated is true and accurate to avoid any complications when the institution decides to make a verification of all the details declared in the internship certificate.

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