How To Write Down An Electrical Experience Certificate?


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  • In order to write an Experience Certificate correctly, you need to firstly start with the basics at the top of the page. On the right hand corner, you should write the day's date and then leave a space and move over to the left side of the page and write 'To Whom It May Concern'. The reason for doing this is because the individual you are issuing it to may want to make copies of the certificate for future use.
  • In the bulk of the certificate you need to firstly state the full name of your former employee and explain the job role that this person had within the company as well as stating their official job title. You should also mention the exact dates from when the individual started working for you to their last day.
  • The next section is dedicated to the character and attributes of the individual that you noticed over the period of time they worked for you. Try to focus on the positive aspects of the person's work ethic and resourcefulness. Ending the body of the letter, you should sum up your personal thoughts on your ex-employee.
  • In order to close the certificate correctly you should use 'sincerely' or 'regards' and then type your name underneath, with the title of your professional position next to it. It is important that the certificate is printed using the company's letterhead and then once it has printed you should write down your signature by hand.

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