I Need To Find An Inmate's TDCJ Number. Can You Help?


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I'd recently been trying to track down a friend who's serving time at a Texas penitentiary called Fort Stockton and it was actually pretty easy!

I found that the best way to get hold of the information you're after was to use the department's online resources.

How to get a Texas prison inmate's TDCJ number
TDCJ stands for the Texas Department of Criminal Justice.

Every inmate who is sentenced to a period in remand at one of the TDCJ facilities is issued with a TDCJ number, so that their affairs can be tracked and monitored by the prison system.

If you're concerned about a relative, or trying to track down an offender, the best way to get their TDCJ number is to use this form on the TDJC website.

The database is really easy to use, and is very helpful too. All you need to do is to type in an offender's name, and you'll be provided a list of inmates whose names match that.

You'll also be given some basic information about the inmate in question, including:

  • TDJC number
  • Race
  • Gender
  • Projected release date
  • Unit of assignment
  • Date of birth

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