How Can I Find An Inmate In Mexicali Jail?


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Perhaps one way that you can locate an inmate that you are looking for would be through a locator service like this: Through this service you can locate an inmate in any prison across the United States.

  • Where is the prison located?

To begin, you will need to select the state in which your jail is located. There is often a comprehensive list of states and areas that you can choose from. Once you have picked the relevant area of your jail there will be another menu for you to negotiate.

Depending on what sort of inmate you are looking for will depend on what you click next, for example you may be looking for male or female offenders, adult or juvenile.

Due to the fact that females and males are often kept in separate prisons, you will need to specific what sort of inmate you are looking for in order to proceed. In addition to this, young offenders will not be kept in a standard prison, as they will be held in a young juvenile detention unit or a department of correction.

  • Now to filter your findings further

Now that you have picked the demographic of the inmate you are looking for, you will then need to input some more details. Start out by entering the surname of the offender you are looking for and this is followed by entering their first name. Of course - there could be numerous offenders that have the same name so you will also need to enter their identification number if you know it in order to specify further.
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You may not be able as they don't have a computerized inmate service like the US has so unless he sends a letter out or you go there, you may never know

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