Why do people hire lawyers? If you're in trouble, I get it. But if you're not...when Natale Holloway disappeared, her mother hired a lawyer. I don't get why.


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People hire lawyers to help them navigate the legal process, and to protect their own legal rights.

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A lawyer's advice is almost always helpful  (The following was actually an example from a video I saw online some years ago on the topic of "what good is a lawyer.")

Concrete example---you are witness to a murder.  You are the only witness and you positively identify the shooter.  Further you are shown a picture of the victim and acknowledge that was the person who killed.  The shooter says it was actually you who committed the murder.  It's your word against his and you have already admitted to being at the crime scene at the time of the murder---and recognizing the victim...............

Plus, police are not required to tell the truth during the course of an investigation.

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I think this is very interesting question. People need to think about it before answer.

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It seems to me unfortunately many people have to turn to the services of lawyers. I'm also one of them. I found a service Right Lawyers I had problems with a false criminal case, which led to me. They have helped me with advice and since then, if something happens, I turn to them for help

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People hire lawyers because of the following reasons

· The law is complicated.

· Lawyers know how to challenge and suppress proofs and evidence.

· Lawyers frequently provide a free initial consultation.

· Not having a lawyer may in reality cost you more

· Because it is most likely better to avoid problems in the first place rather than try to fix them once they happen.

· A superior lawyer can strike up an excellent settlement offer or appeal bargain, if necessary.

· An attorney knows how to appropriately file court ID’s and handle other legal procedures. They know what is right for you. Having an attorney like CA Trial Attorney on your side is always beneficial to you.

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