I have 2 kids and I have custody of one and mom has the other should I be paying child support?


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Arthur Wright , Florida Paralegal, answered

Not under these circumstances where the Courts have divided custody of the kids between the both of you unless you make such a high salary that some could be used to help Mom out. Now if everything is equal here, then no support but the Courts are don't always go as we have been taught. Good luck

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Jann Nikka answered

Yes. This is very easy. You should always support your child, money, clothes, visits, HUGS, love, you certainly don't need court papers to support your child your child. 

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That is not an easy question to answer due to the varying levels of needs for your children. That is something typically negotiated.

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Virginia Lou answered

Dear Anon,

This is a question that goes beyond what you should be doing... If you are financially able, wouldn't you want to be supportive in every way possible for both your children?

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