a photo was taken of me and my daughter (13 years old) sleeping without either of our consent. I have even told him not to take photos of me and this isn't the first one that he's taken. Is it illegal and can we do anything; contact the police etc?


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Who is this person that is taking the photos. 

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Yes you should contact the police. The police will kind-of help "track down" the person. Plus, that's a little freaky, don't you think? If you know the person that is taking the pictures, warn them and say, "if you don't stop, I will call the police on you." Because I mean, that's just freaky.
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It might breach privacy law. It is ok to take pictures of people in public places but in private they require permission. Of course the police are going to ask you what your relationship to this person is, and why they are in your home and able to take pictures of you sleeping.

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