Was caught shoplifting at a mall and when they searched me they found Molly and marijuana. I was still a minor then. It was 2 days before my 18th birthday. What's going to happen??


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Cookie Roma answered

I agree you're must likely to be charged as an adult. That sounds right. You made adult choices, so an adult is how you should be treated.

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PJ Stein answered

I would suppose whatever is going to happen depends on what you do from this point on. For one I would hire a lawyer. I would also write a letter of apology to the store along with a check of restitution for the amount of whatever you stole. I would also look for a drug education course and sign up. The more you do before going to court the better off you will be. It shows you are willing to change and nt make the same mistakes again. Which for your sake I hope is true. Judging by your predictament, you haven't exactly been making good decisions lately.

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