Who here carries a gun in their car?


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My wife and I both conceal carry (legally). Most times I carry a Sig p229 .40, if I have workout clothes on I carry a Kel-Tech P3AT .380 subcompact. My wife carries a Glock G43 9mm or her Springfield XD .40.

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Skip Gentry answered

I don't. I've never owned a gun, touched a gun, and I wouldn't know how to shoot a gun if I had to.

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Walt O'Reagun answered

I do … I also carry a couple knives, a shovel, a tow rope, MREs, flashlight, space blankets … in other words, a bunch of stuff that could come in handy for various emergency situations.

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crow robot answered

I do ...if someone says all christians stand up i am firing first.at least he would be distracted enough fo people to run, Kansas has the right to open carry law

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Kristen Storm answered

My license is being processed. I do however carry a knife with me

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