Which is more important is the Right or the Law?


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Matt Radiance answered

The right

The law exist, it's necessary, it makes a routine, it makes us to follow a certain rule & creates protocols. 

But the law has some limited paragraphs, paragraphs that with some education & being smart, you can screw them, you can change their definition in sake of your circumstances, you can get very within lines from them that makes you to take advantage from what suppose happen to you, you can forbid them, you can con the evidence, you can change the law by treating lives.

You can buy those who speak the law, & sometimes protocols are too slow, a life can be taken down until dear protocol proceed it's steps. So the right is more important than the law, the law can be edited by the  thousand of ways, sometimes you need to screw the law & protocols & do what you think is right to give out the truth.

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Both are required.

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