What's the best way for someone to not pay child support for a kid someone doesn't even see? Change jobs? Change address?


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It doesn't matter if "someone" doesn't see their child. If "someone" is man enough to father a child, he better be man enough to support that child. Don't try to hide from your responsibilities.

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Whoa, you don't see that too much on here.
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I wasn't even on here ! I liked your answer ! Getting tiresome. Please don't blame me! :(
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Trying to get on more. I'm moving some rooms around getting ready for my shoulder surgery. I have to sleep sitting up for a few days so I'm moving my nest to the rear of the house. I don't want to be seen from the street. I watch out my window now, I live on one of the main streets of our little town.
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There isn't any way for you to not pay support for your own child. Whether you get to see the child or not is something that you and the courts decide! What kind of person doesn't want to see his child grow up without helping pay for the costs of that child's life. That's pretty low down and I agree with Skunky that I hope the child gets a good Step-Father. I raised two step-kids as they were my own because their Father was a flake like you and didn't pay anything or bother to see them. You should be ashamed of yourself for even asking and thinking like this !

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Why in the world would you think 'seeing' the child has ANYTHING to do with the obligation to pay support?  Paying child support is required to pay to SUPPORT a child, whether that child was 'planned' or not. 

The non custodial parent is obligated to pay, and rightly so. Why would a non custodial parent be excused from paying for a life that they helped create. If they have sex which results in a pregnancy, they should by all means, share the responsibility for the life and care of the child they created.

It is not a fee to gain access to the child ... Custody or even visitation privileges are a completely different matter.

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Oh boy are you gonna get raked over the coals....WHAT? Did I read your question correctly? *facepalm* That child didn't ask to be here, YOU had a hand....or, well...some other part of your bringing that child into this world. Guess what buster....your responsibility, NOT MINE! Pay for your own child, it's YOUR responsibility. If she's not letting you see your child, shame on her....go to court and get court ordered visitation.....if your choice is to not see your child, your a bunch of things I cannot say. Pay up.

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Seeing your child and paying child support are 2 different subjects, and have nothing to do with each other. Pay your child support and quit whining about it. I paid it for years and didn't miss but one payment due to the state not taking it. I paid it in the end when my kids turned 18, I didn't owe a dime to their mother. 

However my second wife is a dead beat and she owed me about $10K when it was over. Never saw a dime of it, never will either. SO pay your child support or be a deadbeat!

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There isn't a BEST way. If you stop paying they will eventually find you.

You realize that by not paying you are hurting the child, right? Is that what you want? By stressing out the other parent by not paying, you know that you are making life more difficult for the child. Why would you do that? What did your child do to you? This life is so hard, why make it harder for your child? As a parent aren't you supposed to care, love and protect that child? If you don't pay how is that caring for your child? How is that having your child's best interests at heart? Before you act you need to do some serious thinking.

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You too in a twinkling and happy goosebump way!

P.S. WizeOldDogMom said something to me once. I believed her, as I tend to believe all my friends... but, I never thought about it until she pointed it out.
A little while ago, when I couldn't figure out how to express to my friends how pleased I was with their thoughts and/or suggestions on a topic...
I just wrote the truth.. which was (and still is) "happy goosebumps."
She said to me in all her wisdom.... not caddy, nor mean, nor anything but within the truth..
she said, "You know, the skins never lies. It will always tell the truth."
After she left that night, I had the opportunity to meet her, :) :) I thought about that.
She is right. As was I.
Happy happy goosebumps to see you to my beautiful friend. The skin never lies..
:) :)
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I love you too!! Goosebumps!!!
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To not care if your child has food or shoes makes you pretty heartless. You can very easily go to court to see the child if you wanted to. As you can see from the other answers you are wrong no matter what excuse you use.

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The only way to get out of paying child support would be to have a vasectomy BEFORE you get someone pregnant. Since you didn't do that, you will now have to pay for the child you helped bring into this world. And if this is the way you try t handle your responsibilities, I wouldn't let you see the child either. So pay up and go see your doctor about a vasectomy so you are not doing this to another child.

PS. If you do move or something to get out of paying, when they catch up with you, you will have to pay back child support, and some states add interest and some even compound the interest. When they do catch up with they will garnish your wages and you won't make anything to live off of. Best just pay now.

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Gator~ In my very strong opinion, you deserve a million + pats for your pooches
and a million+ thumbs!!
I do believe this is the best advice and answer ever given on this topic!!
Standing Ovation from the Merlin household and 4 thumbs up (even though I can only give one and Don can't give any... His are up too!!!! The thought is there and the enthusiasm is
Clapping and cheering!!!
Happy! Happy!
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Please try to take this into retrospect of your question.

  PLEASE READ CLOSELY. I've read all of the above responses.  Many of these people are my friends.

I acknowledged and "supported"  them for sharing their inputs.  I agree with them. 

Just because I will never see them does not mean they need to be scammed by me.

They know, if I am out here and online when they are and we land on a question, we WILL support each other.  Why?  Because we are responsible.  We CARE about each other and our opinions.

We are part of a family.  None of us share the same parents.  However;  I can guarantee you, family isn't only about sperm and egg.  Family is about the heart.  The heart is a very powerful muscle.

Surround yourself with a family that has the same depth as you.

If you are a being that does not take on feeling, caring, or flat out responsible for your bodily excretions, your "family" is going to be hard to find.  Why?  Your family won't be there for you.  Your intellegence is trying to run from you and everyone else.

Child support.  Think about those words.  Seperate them.  Put them together.  What do you have?.  There is no hope for you if you even had to ask this question.  I'm with skunky.  I hope someone will pick up a family that tried to be something you are not.

My true answer.  RUN.  Run far, far away.  You may find your island.  You may die a lonely person with no one around.

I hope the children that you helped bring into this world do have a wonderful family.  Obviously, you are not allowed.  Thank God for that. 

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IF you don't pay, you can be prevented from licensing any vehicles at the bmv/dmv, and your income tax returns can be taken.  If you get behind enough its a felony.  If you want to see the child more often the court can force visitation.  - the only real way to avoid paying would be to leave the united states and never return. 

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There is no way.

I've noticed everyone's beating up on you. For all I know, you probably made an agreement with the woman NOT to have a child and that she should go on birth control. SHE chose not to. On the other hand, you may have been assaulted by this woman. I've read an article once about a man who had to pay child support to a woman who assaulted him when he was younger.

However, it is unfortunate that there's no way you can get out of child support.

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Bikergirl Anonymous
I am not 'pretending' anything .. not sure why you are so intent on reading between the lines, because you are clearly missing the something .. My comments never suggested anything to do with which is a majority or which is a minority in terms of reasons why women have abortions .. I stated that the fact remains, that doctors HAVE performed abortions for OTHER than health reasons ... In fact I clearly started there are MANY reasons .. I am growing increasingly confused as to why you are suggesting I said things when I clearly didn't.
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Not really Kaywinnet. When I say "cool story" it means I'm tired of "arguing" with you, I know I've won the argument already, but you persist in keeping it and hoping somewhere within it you might find something. When I say cool story, it means I'm tired of it. It doesn't mean "Oh, well you have more facts than I do so I'm going to give up". It means "I have more facts than YOU do so you would do well to give up."
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Cool story.

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