If Prisons Allowed Tours Like At A Zoo Would You Buy A Ticket?


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One ticket sold here. Would even take a few kids, show them a "time in life" that they would never want to flirt with. Talk about scared straight... Bingo!!!
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Not any interest to me.  I've never been in jail,
never even visited any one in jail (not even my
outlaw relatives) and I don't care to.   I have to
drive past the State Pen on one side of the road
and the Adult Detention Center twice when

I go into town.  That's as close as I get, but
I still get a creepy feeling when I look in either direction
(Though I do like looking at the white buffalo that
is in one of the horse pens there.  Used to be a horse-taming
program for the prisoners, but it folded some time back
under money issues.  Now, a guy pays to keep his
bison herd there.  For meat and hunts.)
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Hi Joe.I don't think i would.It must be bad enough for the old lags as it is,but watching people come and go,might make them want to go out with you.
You can bet they'd find a way out on a tour bus.They have a lot of time to think of a way,and if i did go ,it would be on my bus
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Ya would be interesting. There was a prison in Mansfield, Ohio...and they ended up shutting it down, but they made it into a haunted house...and it was like a tour through the prison and they had scary people dressed up like prisoners. It was kind of kewl to do the walk through though. LOL...I really wouldn't want to be there...the drunk tank is bad enough!
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It really wouldn't be all bad.... You could feed the prisoners if you like - kit kats out of the vending machine..... Just don't get your hands too close :)
Jason Parsons
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I grew up in Dayton. It was a reformatory. I've been ther a few times. My real dad did time there for car theft in the 60's and 70's (maybe the timeline is off as I wasn't around yet, I just know he was there for stealing cars). Anyway, isn't it a museum now?
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Prisons are not as fun as you think even visiting them. Once inside theres an evil void feeling thats hard to explain and a sense of a death like atmosphere. I have to visit some of the worst in my past job and current one and I hate everytime I have to go and this is even after being a POW in Viet Nam
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Sorry I had no idea you went through that, glad you got back home..... I just think of zoos as prisons for animals, and a real prison would probably smell as bad but at least I wouldn't feel as guilty visiting one.... But you probably have a really good point, thank you for sharing.
Jason Parsons
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Gotcha beat. I did 5 yrs for Aggrevated Assualt on a cop with a knife (long story you really don't want to hear, suffice it to say it was a PTS thing right after my last deployment to the gulf). It is bad in there but they are mostly just normal people in there that got caught up into something stupid they shouldn't have. The thing is the killers in there are no different than the ones out here and at least there you know who they are. Out here they could be anyone.
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No, I have much better things to do with my money than looking at  some criminal.  I have a prision near me that is used for the white collar criminal.  They have a movie theater, tennis court that is for their use.  Why would I want to watch them do something for free that I have to pay for?
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No, I wouldn't.
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I don't watch the cop reality shows on TV, and I would never be interested in visiting prisons.
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No I don't think I would enjoy doing that at all......I would rather sit at home and watch "Lock Up Raw Extended Stay"
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True, nothing beats the comforts of home..... I do wish there could be a theme park of sorts where people could confront pedophiles like Chris Hansen on to catch a predator.... Hehe Except after the first death it would be closed for sure.
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Didn't South Park do a bit on
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I wouldn't. The only difference between people out here and people in there is the ones in there got caught. There are killers and drug dealers and wife beaters and drunk drivers everywhere I look now. Why in the heck would I pay for it?
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No, they say just like the monkeys in the zoo, the inmates throw Doo Doo at you, and I doesn't take no S--T from anyone..
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Plexi glass like a hockey game.... My customers will not be covered in poo poo lol
Jack Mahon
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I spent a year at State Penn, Oh I'm sorry I meant to say Penn State. Sorry.
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That would be so cool cuz if my cousin go then i would beable to see him with out gettin hurt! Oh now my cousin on probation so he is out.

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