Where Did Prisons Originate?


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Prison has very humorous history. Most of us usually think prison as a place where men and women are locked up for breaking the rules. But this is the new concept which appeared in early 19th century. Before 19th century nobles and men of importance were often captured and imprisoned for revenge or until they were ransomed. The concept of early prison was quite different. That was one who broke the rule he or she sent to prison before the court judgement, after judgement carried out the guiltier were put to death, whipped or given other forms of bodily punishment. The society then understood that this type of cruel treatment couldn't prevent crime. Imprisonment began to be used as a substitute for the death penalty and bodily punishment.

From 1550 prisons were started to call "work-houses" and "houses of correction" which were used to imprison beggars, vagabonds, family deserters, debtors and those guilty of minor offences. Most of those prisons in that time were unfit places to keep human beings. Man began to urge that the prisons be improved and better methods of caring for prisoners be developed in the late 18th century. With the change of time more and more people are coming to believe that a prison should help bring about the reformation of the inmate. In this modern era in the prison there are all kinds of extensive programs to train them, as well as psychological and medical help, recreational activities and schooling.

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