If the parent’s get joint custody of their children, what happens if one parent moves out of state? I know that parent can’t take the children along without the permission of the other parent, right? So how does that work?


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The one with the custody can't move (in New York they can't move more than 25 miles) without permission from the other parent, or the court.  The non-custodial parent can move anywhere they want, just as long as they keep paying any support obligations.

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I'm available to help. Well it is against the law to take that child out of the country without your permission and the court jurisdiction. With standard Contact Orders, one parent has the majority of responsibility for the day-to-day routine, while the other – usually the separated father – sees the children at the weekend or selected weekdays. Shared custody means your Children Have Two Homes, two stable bases where they can feel secure. Above all, it means they continue to have a real family life with both parents, which makes them feel more loved. They can not move out of the state must stay in the same state as you. I was studying law for 5 years I know hope that answered your question if you need more detail please message me kind regards lore

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Yes, a parent can't legally move the children out of stat without getting permission from the court.  The court will usually assign visitations and determine who pays for travel to and from each parent.

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