My divorce is final as of last year. My lawyer still has not gotten the documents for my portion of my ex's retirement ready or sent to my ex's attorney.Now no return calls from him. His secretary just keeps saying he's busy. Any recourse for this?


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Can you go to his office instead? If not ask the receptionist what is going on, obviously he cannot be that busy. Have you tried writing a letter regarding your case? If you do send it certified so they have to sign for it and you know they received it. Keep track of all the ways you have tried to contact him for future reference. If all else fails you can call his office and threaten to file a State Bar Grievance. Perhaps that will get him to take your calls. Failing to communicate on his part is professional misconduct. Good luck.

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Thank you for your reply. Can he drop my case if I threaten him with a greivence report? All that you listed we're going to be my next steps. Accept I was going to go to his office to see him. If he was not available then, I was going to request that an appointment be made.
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I'm new to this site what does blurted mean?

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