Do you believe that the court system is really interested in guilt & innocence?


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It really tries to be, but since the Judge can only work with the evidence presented him and if a jury (if  applicable) finds the defendant guilty, the Judge has to go with it, whether in all reality, the defendant is guilty or not. The Judge doesnt go with his own personal feelings in the matter, he just goes with the evidence presented him
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In some cases I don't think they are interesred in guilt or innocence reason being a lot of guilty people are walking the streets while innocent people are doing time, this is because justice is not blind as is portrayed by our story and I'm sticking to it....
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No I don't believe, it is the not the case now-a-days.
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They are as much interested as the nuthouses are as to who they lock up.Some medical professionals are just interested in the insurance payments.
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I know several people who have relatives that need to be locked up in mental hospitals as they are a danger to themselves and others, sad thing is they have to really hurt or kill someone to be locked up. My sympathies to you.
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Sympathies, for what?
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I believe we have the best judicial system there is ( United States).  When found guilty,  appeals (more than one in some cases) can be made, judgements can be set aside or modified,  and a pardon may be issued.  The defendant can have a court appointed attorney if he can not afford to hire one of his own.  The trial is based on evidence offered by both the prosecutor and the defense attorney and is given to 12 men and women.  In some instances the judge will decide the case,  but in most circumstances involving a more serious crime, the accused will have his/her peers makes the determination of guilt or innocence.  A jury must adhere to the evidence given them and must follow the legal instructions issued by the judge.  If they do not,  and it can be proven they did not,  any judgement is set aside and a new trial must be given.
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