Do You Always Obey The Laws?


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Stewart Pinkerton Profile
Generally yes, but I often leave the Road Traffic Act in shreds behind me!  :-)
Arthur Wright Profile
Arthur Wright answered
No as there is no way on earth anyone anywhere can obey every law there ever was or is. It just cant happen and still live
Joan Profile
Joan answered
No, I must admit, I do not.  When I travel on the highway, I am usually going about 5 mile per hour above the posted speed limit.  Other than that, yes, I do my best to be a law abiding citizen.
suman kumar Profile
suman kumar answered
Yes i do obey laws. From the past one and half year i had troubles the law and court have taken me out.
Dhruba Chakraborty Profile
It depends on the situation .most of the time we try to abide by the laws to be a good citizen.but when we notice that a perticular law is causing harm to us we try to ignore is very interesting to note that there are some of us who unnecessarily break laws.they are called anarchist.
Mike J Profile
Mike J answered
Yes, I do the best I can to follow every law possible.
Keith Old Profile
Keith Old answered

Thank you for your question.

As far as I know, I do my best to follow the laws.

dnh 107 Profile
dnh 107 answered
Some rules were made to be broken.  This is all i can tell you without having to worry about getting arrested.
Charice Miller Profile
Charice Miller answered
Yup:) I mean, I'm only a minor, so I'm a bit too young to be breaking the law.
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John commented
Have you ever j walked or road a bike next to the road.then you mite of broken the law.
Charlie Kerr Profile
Charlie Kerr answered
Sure, but I don't always obey God's laws, but he doesn't expect us to, 'cause were all not able to do so.
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Charlie Kerr
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Remember I'm only 14, I haven't had much time to break 'em. Lol, but I haven't broken any law, YET.
John Profile
John answered
99.9 percent of the time.i am human so i make a mistake every once in a while.oh! And especially when they are not posted in special cases like a school zone. They say there are restricted hours but they don't(post them) tell you what they are.sort of a built in ticket zone for the police to make their quota's.
H H Profile
H H answered
Well , when we were kids , we were tought to do so .
When we were teenagers , we enjoy breaking rules.
It gives awsome feeling when u feel u did what u want ..

Any way , Laws keeps disipline and order
The more older i get , the  more i obey laws , i don't know why
Ace anonymous Profile
Ace anonymous answered
99% of the time yes, however I'm a teenage boy and some of these laws that all of our old politicians make are stupid, so sometimes I cross the line.

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