Is It Better To Keep A Person In Jail To Suffer Than Having A Death Penalty?


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Only if you wish to pay taxes to keep feeding him, have a color television, a room to himself, heat and air, a recreation area. Until he dies of old age. Prison is a lot better then half the people's life now out of prison. I always believe in eye for an eye. If they kill, kill him. If they torture, hang him by hiss ba.... If they rob and hurt someone, cut his hands off. If he rapes, cut his .... Off. If someone killed a member of my family, I would love to keep him in my basement for a life time. But I promise, he will not be eating fried chicken and watching tv.
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No,  if  you do the  crime,  and take someones  life, the same needs done to you,
why let  a  male or  female  run away  free  who took  a innocent persons life
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The only problem I have with the prison/death system is how people end up there.
Why is it assumed the cops never lie, isn't this how a lot of people end up wrongfully convicted?

Assuming we are talking about undeniable guilt backed up with a lot of evidence.... Also these are violent offenders not just some random drug offenses - then sure do whatever you want with them.
How about send them to Mars so we can learn more about the planet as they die?
I know it sounds like cruel and unusual punishment - but if we do it enough it wont be unusual LOL
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Well duh!
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A rather die.
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If the person has done something really bad, like murder rape etc etc i think they should be killed slowly and painfully. But, if its something smaller then yes prison.

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