Why The Divorce Rate Is Increasing Day By Day In Our Society?


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Just from a personal point of view. I believe that the divorce rate is increasing day by day in our society because we are no longer getting married for the proper reasons. For example: Take the stars and such of today, they are getting married because of who it makes them and who they become when they are seen as such. They marry for money, looks, and any type of gain.I do not believe in that. If you are marrying because say, you got a girl pregnant, you have to ask yourself and the woman...Do you love each other? If not, your best bet is to NOT get married. The worst thing you can do to that child is to marry for that reason alone. I know that people think it is the right thing to do, but a child does feel the tension between the parents when there is no love between them and they are just married for the child. Then, when things get so bad that they just cannot stand to be together, the child then begins to blame themselves.Also, if you are marrying for money...guess what? That money can come and go, it is not going to make you happy. You can have all the money in the world and be miserable and lonely and empty inside. Contrary to popular belief, money does NOT buy happiness. Also, there are people get married based on looks, not real love. Then, they get "bored". They cheat and lie and they end up in a nasty little divorce. My point is, if you don't truly love someone don't put each other or yourself through that. I believe another reason divorce is on the rise is the loss of income in today's society. People feel if they cannot take care of their family, they should leave and let them have a better life. But, it does not work that way. When you take vows, it is usually for better or worse, richer or poorer. Not just as long as you can support me or as long as you are in good health or as long as I don't get bored with you. There are just too many people that don't take vows to heart. But, that is just my humble opinion. I hope it helps.Sassy CC
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Because society has given couples a very easy way out of a marriage instead of teaching or helping these couple stay and fight

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